Working remotely…or telecommuting…has become the norm for 43% of Americans according to a recent Gallup survey.

TRIO at southbridgeTM was designed to accommodate our resident telecommuters by offering all the features needed for you to efficiently work at home. If you’re looking for the fastest internet available, TRIO’s 1 gig internet is the choice for you. Equivalent to 1000 Mbps, 1 gig travels on a light-speed fiber-optic network to bring you stunningly fast internet. You’ll easily take care of work activities that require a great deal of bandwidth…along with leisure activities…such as gaming or downloading new software at the same time on multiple devices.

Our service provider partners, CenturyLinkTM offers residents "instant on" with simple, quick steps to get working immediately & Comcast® offers free professional installation! All of our apartment homes are equipped with fiber and in place modems. No need to call & schedule an appointment with a service technician…just go on-line, select our TRIO at southbridgeTM community, chose your speed & you are working on the fastest internet of any apartment community in Shakopee!

Don’t limit yourself to working in your apartment…enjoy free Wi-Fi poolside, while working-out in our state of the art fitness areas, in the Great Room & all locations within the TRIO’s Community Building.
TRIO recognizes that a high-speed, reliable internet connection is essential for the most pertinent tasks in your life along with an incredibly useful tool when it comes to relaxing.


Protect yourself against life’s big and small unexpected events!

TRIO @ southbridgeTM wants you to be protected against life’s unexpected events. Renters insurance works much the same way homeowners insurance does…except it’s tailored to renters. When you rent, some think the Landlord’s insurance covers you and your stuff too…but no dice…you are on your own!

Did you know, for example, that if you cause a fire, you are financially responsible for the damage to your apartment and those around you? You have worked hard for what you have, and we want to ensure you are covered financially should an unexpected incident occur.  TRIO, therefore, requires that residents show proof of $100,000 personal liability insurance coverage.


To make it crazy affordable & the process as easy as possible, TRIO has partnered with Arthur J. Gallagher as our preferred insurance provider. While you can purchase coverage with any insurance provider, Arthur Gallagher offers several benefits to our TRIO residents including:
       -  Guaranteed acceptance
       -  Customized coverage options
       -  Affordable, $100,000 liability and/or personal property policies
       -  Simple payments…just pay with monthly rent & we will pay Arthur Gallagher on your behalf

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